Monday, October 27, 2008

Tandy 1989

tandy1989, originally uploaded by carlphillips408.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kefalonia Island, Myrtos, Greece

Ionian Blue!, originally uploaded by ptg1975.

How can I not love the Mediterranean?

Zakynthos Harbour

Zakynthos Harbour., originally uploaded by Annushka_74.

More Zakynthos. Again from Annushka's photo stream on Flickr.

On the beach! (Kefalonia Island)

On the beach!, originally uploaded by ptg1975.

More Mediterranean.

Shipwreck Bay (Zakynthos)

Shipwreck Bay., originally uploaded by Annushka_74.

Another photo in the series of my Mediterranean love. This is from Annushka 74 on flickr.

On online relationships

Ahu Dagli has written a short post about how to get intimate with women on the web. Especially this part is funny:

Asking too much questions and waiting immediate answers

That's another big problem. Anybody surfing the net is distributing her time accross more than one window. Apart from that, we have also daily routines like standing up, going to kitchen, taking a coffee and coming back in front of the computer. These take time. So, when you ask a stupid question and wait for an immediate answer, that's just waste of time. You claim that you want to know more about this woman but in fact you just need affection. You seek affection in immediate answers to your silly questions. That's desperate. Instead, keep cool and wait. Do something else.

And this part here is soooo right:

Putting your appearance forth instead of your mind and soul

That's another big problem. Women are not as much attached to physical beauty as men are. Emphasize your knowledge, passion, credibility. Your look is not as important as you think. Who our are and your mind and your soul is more important. Your pleasure may be dependent on your eyes but ours is not the same. Our pleasure not depends on what we see but what we hear. So, talk nicely and meaningful.

link: How to get intimate with women on the web?

And thank you for your link Ahu!